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5 Tips for Vietnam & Beyond

Updated: Feb 17

Photo By: Sonia Azad

There’s no way to see everything. 

You’ll get thousands of recommendations from people to do the things they did and see the things they saw.
Do quick research (Google, YouTube, Instagram, whatever…) see what stands out most to you based on your interests and intentions for the trip, and make a list. Do you want to relax? Are you a history buff? Do you prefer spending time in nature or shopping? Have a loose idea of where you want to go, but if possible, only book a few nights at a time. This allows you to stay fluid enough to extend your stay or go in a different direction if the weather turns or if you simply find a place that speaks to your heart along the way. (*far easier to do with solo travel) 

Google translate is amazing.
It bridges gaps, helps you to get from point A to B in a taxi & connects us as humans when we want to express something to someone in their language. 

Learn how to say a few words like hello and thank you.
This is something simple but respectful. This show of courtesy illustrates that you’re trying… that you don’t just expect the world to revolve around you, the English speaking American. (You’ll also find that most anywhere you go, people will speak to you in English… hello, goodbye, please, thank you… etc) 

Photo By: Sonia Azad

It’s good to be a minority— to feel what it’s like to stand out just based on how you look. 
There’s a lot space for discovery here. How do you feel when a child stares at you because they aren’t used to seeing someone who looks like you? Does it make you uncomfortable when everyone around you is speaking a different language and you have no clue what they’re saying? Does this change your relationship toward non-English speaking people or ethnic minorities living in or visiting America? This is what makes travel so dynamic: it's an opportunity to shed light on your personal blind spots.

Consider what anchors you. 
For me it’s yoga. No matter where I am, if I use google maps to find a yoga studio, I feel like I’m home. Maybe yours is a gym or church or a cooking class or a mall. Whatever it is, it’ll help you to feel grounded and experience who you know yourself to be in unfamiliar territory. 

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