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My Latest Health Scans

Fourteen weeks after starting the Happy Healthy Thin program, I'm updating and expanding on my results!

The program itself (which you can read about in my blog called 'In my Healing Era') is only 8-weeks. But, like many who've completed a program focused on weight loss, I wondered... will this last? Spoiler: Yes! 

What I've Been Doing (Generally): 
Since finishing the program in April, I've stayed on track by choosing to continue intermittent fasting. I'm not militant about it-- but usually, I start eating around noon and try to wrap things up by 8pm. For the most part, I do not drink lattes anymore. I drink black coffee with cinnamon. I buy fresh produce, proteins, and cook for myself more often than not. I have not gone on wild binges or benders-- but have enjoyed drinks with friends (ranch waters) or a few bites of birthday cake at a party. Again, this is not every day-- or even every week. I weigh myself almost every morning to stay aware and on track. I drink plain old water, mineral water and an occasional unsweetened iced or hot tea. Typically, I do not snack or graze. I eat meals. I order wisely while out at restaurants. I rarely buy anything in bags or boxes anymore. I still do not consume seed oils, and I read labels intentionally to avoid them. I eat proper portions at mealtimes, and if I'm still hungry I eat more vegetables or fruit. I workout 5 days a week, but am active every day. On the days I don't get to barre, pilates, lagree, yoga or HIIT, I stretch at home or practice Yin Yoga. I meditate at least twice every day. 

Body Scan Comparisons: 
On March 2, while at CryoCon in Plano, I tried a ShapeScale body scan. Wearing minimal clothing, I stepped onto a scale that offers 3D imaging and tons of interesting analysis through an app. After downloading the app and doing my scan (which takes just 60 seconds), the recorded data is stored as a baseline. This allows you to easily scan periodically and track your progress as it relates to: weight, body fat, circumference and volume measurements. 
Photo By: Sonia Azad
Immediately, I loved the technology! It was fast, simple, and user-friendly. The only problem: there are only two ShapeScales in North Texas-- in McKinney and Argyle-- neither of which are near me. I actually reached out to the company to inquire about working together to bring more of their equipment to our area wellness clinics and fitness centers. It's a startup-- so, as you can imagine, things are moving slowly. Still, I really wanted an updated scan to see how I fared 6 weeks after finishing the Happy Healthy Thin program. 

My first scan on March 2 was three days into the Happy Healthy Thin program. I weighed 111lbs and had decent numbers all around. My body fat percentage and BMI were higher than I liked. 

I called Argyle Cryo and told them I wanted to come in for an updated scan using one of their ShapeScales. They told me it would be $25 and to come in anytime. Easy. 
The harder part was finding time to make the 45-minute drive. Some days I would wake up and feel really strong, thin, light-- perfect for a scan! Other days, while I still felt good, I was carrying more fluid due to hormonal fluctuations. 
In the end, I decided to scan on whatever day I was able to get there. 
The day I arrived, I weighed in at 104.3, which is now a couple of pounds higher than usual for me. (I started my cycle two days later... so probably not 'ideal' timing). Other factors to consider: I was wearing different clothes in the second scan. At CryoCon, the ShapeScale team dressed me in very thin, un-wired and un-padded shapewear. I also scanned during late morning and early afternoon hours. If I had one of these scales at home, I would step onto it first thing in the morning before doing anything else (similar to how and when I weigh myself) for more accurate and consistent readings. By the time I scanned at CryoCon and at Argyle Cryo, I'd gone through half a day of driving, moving around, working and/or drinking at least water and coffee.  
Photo By: Sonia Azad
The scan gives you more than just a weight reading. In addition to calculating your body fat percentage, measurements and BMI, it also includes: 
Shape Score: evaluating your body proportions and symmetry.
Health Score: a personalized metric assessing health risks by analyzing weight, waist size, and demographics. 
Heat Map: fastest way to see the localized changes in your body.
My scans were taken 12.5 weeks apart and offered me good information -- to track progress and to chart a plan for the next 6 to 8 weeks. 

Surprise Bonus: 
Photo By: Sonia Azad
I took a screenshot of my side-by-side comparison and immediately noticed an unintended side effect of the last four months of dedication. Aside from weight loss, lower body fat and BMI and higher shape score, my posture has improved! In my last blog, I wrote about going back to my chiropractor, Dr. Brian Mann at DTX Sports Medicine once a week. I showed him the scan and he noticed the difference, too! My head and neck are coming back in line with my body rather than falling forward. Some call this 'text neck.' It makes sense to see this improvement because we have been using therapies like PEMF and MyAct on the tissues in my upper back to relieve tension and stiffness around my shoulders and shoulder blades. 

I plan to go back to Argyle Cryo for a third scan in another 8 to 12 weeks. This entire process -- and being able to measure, track and document it-- has been a game-changer in working toward my highly personalized goals while celebrating milestones along the way. 

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