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"I am very picky about my yoga teachers and Sonia more than measures up to my criteria of knowledgable, experienced, confident teachers, who lead creative and fun classes. Sonia also organized outings everyday where we got to see and experience all the beauty and magnificence of Iceland. I have been on numerous yoga retreats prior to this one, but my memories from this retreat stand out and will last a lifetime."

- Alison P.

Leigh Gathright_edited.jpg
"Sonia’s gentle nature has allowed me to stay grateful, let go of judgment, adopt trust (as a measure of discernment), and always be thankful. I can guarantee each attendee will leave Sonia’s retreat better for the long-haul with a way of caring for others and our planet through yoga, mindfulness, journaling and meditation. Sonia puts the reset, reflect and renew into retreat."

- Leigh G.

JoAnn V Herness.jpg
“Sonia teaches with a perfect balance in strength of spirit and body. Her unpretentious guidance in our individual yoga journey allows for a safe and deep practice. She believes in the power of a healthy mind and body and helps me to keep focused on my yoga path.”

- JoAnn H.

Sarah I_
"She led the discussion with sincerity and a touch of humor, how refreshing! The opportunity to collaborate with the audience... helped many of us visualize various barriers and commitments, ways that we invest into our health, and the outlets we choose to strengthen our health."

- Sarah I. (on corporate wellness)

"Our company loved having Sonia Azad come and talk about how Health is Wealth. She was prepared and broke everything down into very manageable, practicable take-aways. She offered a casual style that invited attendees to interact and brainstorm together. She was light-hearted and funny, but also spoke intelligently about the information presented. We all left with free and easy, actionable items to begin adding to our daily lives which will result in happier, healthier co-workers."

- Trista G.

Dr. Brad Schwall
"Sonia's Workplace Wellness Workshop was insightful, practical and impactful for the staff of our large nonprofit organization. Sonia teaches in the best way possible, through experience. Her ability to engage learners and articulate material clearly led our team to learn, while, most importantly, achieving a sense of peace and a focus on the moment. Our team left the time with Sonia smiling and relaxed. There even seemed to be some sense of relief from connecting in such a meaningful way – something that has been missing in our world in the past couple of years."

- Dr. Brad S.

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