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Sonia Azad

Mindful Media,
Corporate Wellness &
Yoga Retreats

Sonia is a two-time Emmy award-winning journalist whose passion is to inspire others to live and embody a healthier lifestyle.


Sonia weaves her extensive work experience in media into her brand. She shares travel and wellness stories with her digital audiences.

You can often find her outdoors, teaching yoga and meditation in studios or online, or leading groups on international yoga retreats.

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On-Demand Classes

Looking for a quick workout, stress reliever -- or both, but don't know where to start?


As an online community member, you get 30 minutes of Sonia's daily mindfulness videos delivered directly to your inbox!


Want to do your own thing with guidance?


No worries, members have full access to the entire library of videos. Choose the classes you want based on your needs, desires or vibe.


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Yoga Retreat International Testimonial
I am very picky about my yoga teachers and Sonia more than measures up to my criteria of knowledgable, experienced, confident teachers, who lead creative and fun classes. Sonia also organized outings everyday where we got to see and experience all the beauty and magnificence of Iceland. I have been on numerous yoga retreats prior to this one, but my memories from this retreat stand out and will last a lifetime.

- Alison P.

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